A smarter, happier way to get things done.

In addition to the essentials, enjoy an amazing user experience that combines efficiency with super-convenience.

Tailored Dashboard

Choose from 86 widgets to fully customize your dashboard

Automatic Classification

Automatically identify diverse asset types such as laptops/servers/vm, and more

Risks Tab

Understand your company's potential IT risks at any given moment

Warranty Sync

Get warranty information pulled automatically from manufacturers’ databases

Built-in Best Practices

Start with ready-made templates, based on industry best practice processes

Drag & Drop Setup

Use drag and drop to build simple or complex service processes

QR Audit Tool

Scan any equipment with your phone to instantly connect it to your account

Integrations Suite

Continue working with tools you already use like Google Apps, Zendesk and more

Invisible Patches

Enjoy automated software updates that optimize functionality

Fewer Clicks

Work faster with fewer Save & Cancel clicks

Crowdsource Printers

Use shared knowledge to help identify new, unidentified printers

Snapshot View

Just hover over an icon to get a quick view of your service desk

No-Regrets Undo

Undo deleted items and mass updates released prematurely

Always Current

Zero installations or upgrades are required. No action needed to run on the latest release.

You’re seconds away from seeing a working environment: