Hardware Inventory Management

Know exactly what computers you have, where they're physically located, their configuration, and who is using them in an online platform.
Samanage’s Hardware Asset Management software includes hardware and computer inventory management tools. Samanage automatically and periodically scans each asset to show you the updated, detailed configuration and physical location of each workstation, server or PC on your network. Easily track the hardware across your organization and know everything that happens on your network and computer hardware inventory with this web-based solution.
Organize and track hardware assets
Organize and track hardware assets
  • Single Asset Repository
    One quick-to-retrieve repository that lists all hardware assets including computers, servers, and mobile devices that connect to your network. Easily search every hardware asset in the IT hardware inventory by a variety of descriptions such as CPU, operating system, or vendor.
  • Tag Assets
    Tag each IT asset within the hardware inventory by specifying its status (operational, in-repair or a loaner) and by assigning it to specific users and technical owners.
  • Windows/Mac/Unix Supported
    Easily deploy agents for Windows, MacOS and Unix and manage all your different operating systems. No other tool in the market supports all your OS needs in one place.
  • Get Warranty Details Automatically
    Samanage helps you save time and keep your records up-to-date by automatically fetching asset warranty information from manufacturers including Dell, HP and Lenovo.
  • Automatic Asset Classification
    Samanage automatically identifies and classifies asset types such as laptops, servers, or V.M and organizes these assets in the IT hardware inventory.
  • Track changes in your IT hardware inventory, such as new computers, PC's or printers, to plan migrations and projects accordingly. Prepare your workers, end users, and IT infrastructure for hardware replacements or exchanges. Read more...
  • Track all hardware properties
    View all hardware properties, including CPU, BIOS, disks, networking devices, sound cards and much more. In the computer inventory, you can instantly view the exact hardware configuration and which software titles are installed and used on each of your computers.
  • Know what you have
    You can view updated configurations and physical locations of each hardware asset. You can also select any software title in your IT hardware inventory and see where it is currently installed.
  • Geo-location Maps
    Plot your assets on a map to visualize where your laptops, PC's, computers and other assets are located at any given time.
  • Samanage asset management can be fully integrated with our service desk capability, linking the computer and hardware inventory information with issues - giving you visibility into relevant asset data within service desk tickets. Read more...
Tracking IT hardware, especially if it exists in multiple different locations, can be stressful and daunting. With the Samanage hardware inventory management solution you can automate your entire IT asset lifecycle. Create one, extensive IT hardware inventory that includes a computer and PC inventory as well as lists any other hardware assets. Allow yourself to breath easy and plan for the future hardware landscape: make computer inventory management a breeze with Samanage.
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