IT Service Desk

Deliver excellent IT service to your organization and manage ongoing service requests with ease.
IT Service Desk
With Samanage’s cloud-based IT service desk software you get a modern help desk you and your customers would love to use. Use Samanage to simplify and automate daily IT tasks, reduce support workload, streamline IT support among your help desk admins and deliver a superior service to your organization.
Streamline service delivery
Streamline service deliver
  • Incident Management
    Our online IT help desk system is based on industry best-practices such as ITIL to help you organize, prioritize, manage and resolve tickets efficiently and from one convenient place.
  • Modern software
    Enterprise software should be easy to use and modern. We believe in building software you'd love to use and one that makes you look good - that's why we invest in making it easy to view pending tickets and work in a clear interface for the fastest, easiest web-based help desk ticket management software.
  • Samanage SaaS service desk software is fully integrated with our asset management capabilities, giving you visibility into relevant asset data within service desk tickets and helping troubleshoot issues faster. Read more...
  • Reports and Dashboards
    Use dynamic filters to review incidents from a specific site or department, add criteria, save changes to the report, or create a new report from the parameters you selected. Export your data as CSV, RSS or XMP and print or export reports to various formats.
Everything you need
Everything you need
  • Define and publish services that are available with common solutions, to better manage large workloads and improve IT service desk communication with end users. Read more...
  • Save the resolution of a closed incident as a solution for future service requests. Grow your organization’s knowledge with each incident resolution and reduce redundant service requests to improve incident management. Read more...
  • Formalize procedures for recording, categorizing, investigating, diagnosing, escalating (when needed) and resolving problems when they arise. Read more...
  • Minimize the number and impact of any related incidents upon service and implement change in the most efficient way by using a set of standardized methods. Read more...
  • Empower end users with tools to resolve their issues independently and submit new incidents directly to your service desk. Read more...
  • Automation
    Cut response time and shorten or entirely eliminate otherwise manual processes.
  • Email Integration
    Users can send an email to your support address and it will automatically become an incident. Administrators can also approve changes within emails. Reply to any incident notification from your inbox and it will be added as a comment to the incident.
  • The Samanage REST API allows customers and developers to expand and build on the online Samanage SaaS IT service desk software. Read more...
Deliver Great Service, Every Time
Deliver Great Service, Every Time
  • Smart List View
    Use a smart list view to see all pending tickets that require attention. Hover over the eye icon to get a split second summary view of a service ticket. Instantly know what’s going on.
  • We play nice with the SaaS ecosystem so you don't have to worry about integrations: Includes Google Apps, Drive, Dropbox, OneLogin, OKTA, Chatter and Zapier, to name a few. Read more...
  • Beautiful Dashboard
    Get an instant snapshot of your cloud service desk and customize your view to monitor the issues that matter most to you and your organization.
  • Offer employees access to your web-based help desk straight from Google Apps pages. Employ the SaaS tools and systems your organization is familiar with to quickly deploy and to encourage adoption of your new help desk. Read more...
  • Samanage's works with any smartphone or tablet and doesn’t require an app installation - simply go to to access your online IT service desk software from anywhere. Read more...
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