Problem & Change Management

Identify problems and implement changes quickly & efficiently.
Problem & Change Management
Samanage's web-based Problem and Change Management capabilities will cover your needs. Use the cloud tools to efficiently implement IT changes and execute every change with speed and accuracy. Ensure that you find permanent solutions to problems and prevent repeat incidents that cause unnecessary service disruptions. Change approval tools help ensure that all changes are in line with the overall business strategy before they are executed, while being able to resolve incidents as they arise and analyze the causes to remove problems at the root.
Detect problems & keep them contained
Detect problems & keep them contained
  • Immediate Detection
    Streamline activities and solutions aimed at problem discovery (like trend analysis) to detect patterns in historical data about incidents or incident details.
  • Use online fishbone charts, cause & effect or tree diagrams to visually analyze and better understand a particular problem. Read more...
  • Use the online system to tie relevant incidents to the problem so that you can estimate the costs and potential risks involved. Read more...
Prioritize & implement changes faster
Prioritize & implement changes faster
  • Implement
    Submit an RFC (request for change) to have one or more approvers authorize each change before it’s implemented. Minimize the number and impact of any related incidents upon service.
  • Enforce
    Track the time it takes to resolve a ticket and monitor the change status over time.
  • Plan
    Formalize procedures in the web-based platform for recording, categorizing, investigating, diagnosing, escalating (when needed) and resolving problems when they arise.
  • Collaborate
    Document online and share workarounds and solutions with end-users and other members of your IT support team.
Effective planning for changes makes all the difference in how smooth and easy IT transitions can be be. Using a cloud solution that will help you see ahead as well as into detail about repeat incidents makes all the difference. Allow yourself to breath easy and plan for an issue-free IT future: make problem and change management a breeze with Samanage web-based software.
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