Risk Detection

Stay one step ahead of any potential problems.

IT risk management can and should be considered as a primary component of wider enterprise risk management, and therefore every company should invest in an effective system. The Samanage online risk and compliance management solution will help you focus on the areas that require your attention across your IT environment. The cloud risk and compliance software includes a risk detection engine that constantly scans the data you have stored in Samanage (such as your asset inventory or service desk tickets) and looks for problematic patterns. When one is detected, a new risk is created and you are notified to take action.

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Clearly understand existing & potential risks

Clearly understand existing & potential risks Image
  • Sophisticated risk detection engine

    Identify risks using the risk compliance performance solution, and take action and resolve them before they impact your computers, network, business or integrity.

  • Notifications

    Get notified of risky usage such as the download of illegal licenses through the online compliance risk assessment solution.

  • Time Sensitive Activities

    Stay on top of time sensitive activities such as contracts that are expiring, incidents that are past due, pending approval requests, and overdue tasks. They will all appear in the cloud enterprise risk management software capabilities to make it easy for you to take action.

  • Contract Management

    Use the SaaS risk assessment software to organize IT contracts and avoid risks such as lease expiration. Manage service agreements by keeping track online of renewal schedules, agreement terms and proof-of-purchase records.

  • Automatic Scanning

    Automatically monitor and detect unauthorized software usage across your entire network. Cut response time and shorten or entirely eliminate otherwise manual processes related to operational risk management.

  • License Storage Compliance

    Automatically store and retrieve licenses. Easily demonstrate license compliance in audits and reviews with the contract risk management tool. Keep track of all software licenses in one place and ensure compliance through the governance risk and compliance software.

  • Compliance Management

    Use the risk and compliance software tool to automatically track and monitor your contracts, software licenses, and their respective requirements and restrictions.

  • Compliance Alerts

    The enterprise risk management software detects and alerts you on any risks or gaps in your compliance standing, before risks become problems. Ensure that you meet regulatory requirements for IT licensing audits and minimize business risk and exposure from using unauthorized software.

  • Detect unauthorized software

    Automatically monitor and detect unauthorized software usage across your entire network. You will immediately know if a user has installed a risky game or peer to peer file sharing program. Use the risk and compliance performance solution to keep your network safe and clean!

  • Detect Missing Anti-Virus

    Automatically monitor and detect whether users are fully protecting their laptops, mobile devices, and desktop computers using the Samanage system. The SaaS IT risk management solution will help you stay on top of risks created by users who are not using protective measures.