IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Know exactly what computers you have, where they’re physically located, the asset
configuration, and who is using them in an online IT asset management solution.

Samanage SaaS IT Asset Management software allows you to easily control your technological landscape. Samanage’s powerful tools and capabilities comprise a one-stop web-based system for keeping track of your organization’s hardware and software inventory, including computers, servers, laptops, mobile devices, network attached devices and pretty much any other technology asset. Samanage helps you ensure software compliance, heighten security, and minimize costs through a user-friendly and reliable ITAM solution.

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Organize and track software & hardware assets

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  • Hardware Inventory

    View over 200 different hardware properties including CPU, BIOS, disks, sound cards and more. Tag each IT asset by specifying its status (operational, in-repair or a loaner) and by assigning it to specific users and technical owners.

  • Software Inventory

    Use Samanage’s asset management solution to track all software titles installed and used across your entire network, and identify changes as they happen over time.

  • Windows/Mac/Unix Supported

    Easily deploy agents for Windows, MacOS and Unix and manage all your different operating systems. No other tool in the market supports all your OS needs in one place.

  • Seamless Integration

    Integrate your IT Asset Management solution with Active Directory, directly with leading SaaS apps such as Google Apps, Zendesk, or Salesforce, as well as with over 200 applications using Zapier.

  • iOS/Android Supported

    Manage your mobile device inventory, including company issued and BYOD in a single place. Track all mobile device inventory, how its used and who is using it at any time.

  • Get Warranty Details Automatically

    Samanage saves you time and keeps your records up to date by automatically pulling hardware warranty information from hardware manufacturers including Dell, HP, Lenovo and Apple.
    You’d love this feature!

Keep daily maintenance simple

Keep daily maintenance simple Image
  • Full Service Desk Integration

    Samanage IT asset management can be fully integrated with our service desk capability, giving you visibility into relevant asset data within service desk tickets.

  • Reports & Dashboard

    Analyze your asset inventory and use filters to generate drill-down reports. Print or export your reports to various formats including PDF and CSV. Review your dashboard to quickly understand the current status of your assets.

  • Contract Management

    Use Samanage to organize IT contracts and avoid lease expiration. Manage service agreements by keeping track online of renewal schedules, agreement terms and proof-of-purchase records. Connect contracts and assets already managed in the system.

  • Plan Changes

    Track changes in your asset inventory, such as new computers or software installations, to plan IT migrations and projects accordingly. Prepare your workers, end users, and IT infrastructure for asset replacements or exchanges.

Manage critical & time-sensitive restrictions

Manage critical & time-sensitive restrictions Image
  • Risk Detection

    Samanage scans software and hardware inventory automatically to detect risks such as: missing security patches, illegal software and games, or lack of free hard disk space on a particular PC, to name a few.

  • Usage Policy

    Detect unauthorized or illegal software and user infringements by adopting a usage policy. Now you can easily find out who is blocking the network or hasn’t downloaded proper antivirus.

  • QR & Barcodes

    Samanage generates unique barcodes and QR codes for each asset. You can scan the asset code with your mobile device to see asset details on the spot.

  • Automatic Classification

    Samanage uses the ITAM capabilities to automatically identify and classify asset types such as laptops, servers, or V.M and list them in the cloud-based platform.

  • Mobile Access

    Easily manage your assets through any smartphone or tablet – iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.