IT Service Catalog

Your own Amazon shop for business services – IT service catalog helps optimize service request and delivery, reduce support-related costs, and improve communication with end-users.

With Samanage IT service catalog you can get full ITIL web-based service catalog capabilities. Define and publish online the services that are available with common solutions to better manage large workloads. Encourage use of the cloud self-service portal and enable your end users to choose from a preset list of services.

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Offer a “shopping cart” service experience

Offer a “shopping cart” service experience Image
  • Services

    Define and publish IT services that are available online. With each service you can show a service description, image and cost. End users can choose from this list when submitting their web-based service requests.

  • Streamline Processes

    Define service processes once. When new services are requested through the cloud Self-Service Portal, the pre-established processes begin immediately.

  • Service Delivery Management

    Service requests appear as new items in your cloud service desk to help you easily manage them from a single place.

  • Optimize Service Delivery

    Standardize how services are ordered and delivered through the SaaS tool and reduce unnecessary, and time-wasting requests.

When new IT tickets are created, having an online menu of available services is critical. This web-based list can include services that can be for a new laptop, new software, file permissions, or even adding a new employee to a department. For a SaaS help desk to be truly helpful, a service catalog tool that gives users information about what they can get help with is essential. Allow yourself to breath easy: turn creating an IT service catalog into a breeze with Samanage.