Software Inventory Management

Get organized and stay organized. Track all the software installed across your network to effectively manage licenses and compliance.

Samanage Software Asset Management (SAM) capabilities allows you to automate software inventory tracking in a SaaS system. Easily track software across your organization to know everything that happens on your network. The intuitive, web-based software inventory tracking solution allows you to reduce costly software inventory errors, improve your customer service, and increases the value of your IT investments.

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Organize and track software assets

Organize and track software assets Image
  • Cross-network implementation

    Quickly search through your software inventory and easily view any applications that were recently installed across your entire network. You can select any software title in your inventory and see where it is currently installed.

  • One Repository

    Create a software inventory to keep track of all the software assets and tools installed across your network in a cloud-based platform. Easily retrieve information about different assets and the software packs installed on each.

  • Leverage Contract Investments

    The inventory management software will help you negotiate future contracts with vendors and resellers by knowing exactly which licenses you have and which you need.

  • Risk Detection

    The full inventory control software scans your software inventory automatically to detect risks such as missing security patches or illegal software and games.

  • Easy Upgrades and Compliance

    Ensure software compliance at your organization with Samanage inventory tracker. The inventory control capabilities help you manage software packs and licenses so that you can track privileges, prepare for upgrades, and comply with software vendor license agreements.

  • Plan Changes

    Track changes in your software asset inventory, such as new software installations, to plan IT migrations and projects accordingly. Prepare your workers, end users, and IT infrastructure for software replacements or exchanges.

  • Minimize Unauthorized Usage

    Guarantee software safety and compliance by allowing your organization’s employees to use only authorized software with Samanage Software Asset Management. You can easily find out who is blocking the network or hasn’t downloaded proper antivirus with the Samanage software inventory tracking system.

  • Windows/Mac/Unix Supported

    Easily deploy agents for Windows, MacOS and Unix and manage all your different operating systems. No other tool in the market supports all your OS needs in one place.

  • Clean inventory tracking

    Use Samanage to automatically scan your software inventory to exclude all system files, drivers, and patches to get a clean and easy-to-understand inventory of your software assets.

With hundreds of different programs installed across a company’s hardware network, it can be a difficult task to trace, track, and control software inventory. The Samanage inventory tracking and software asset management solution compiles one, easy-to-check and update repository, that allows you to stay on top of everything that is happening in your network. Allow yourself to breath easy and plan for the future software landscape: make software inventory management a breeze with Samanage.